Domotic Le Démon Des Hautes Plaines

Domotic "Le Démon Des Hautes Plaines” LP

TS13 / CLAP047
Release date: 2015-06-11
Format: LP

The Demon of Domotic: the ambient of the decor

Devil from high plains: Domotic’s hazy adventures

This is a film score: an instrumental series presented in themes, punctuated with echoes and variations, short sequences and choruses. This is the music composed by Stéphane Laporte for the movie directed by his friend, Tom Gagnaire who two years ago decided to direct in a very short time and with very little means, in a remote part of the Haut Languedoc, « a regionalist and post new-wave western ». A homemade film shot in the countryside, with the phantoms of Raoul Walsh and Eugène Green, where the sheriffs have lost their faith and where white nymphs haunt the cascades.

Recorded just before filming, in a very spontaneous, almost anarchic way the music was also made at home; at his parents’ house where the musician still has a bedroom, full of old instruments waiting to be used: an acoustic toy-guitar offered to him in the eighties by the works council of the candy maker Haribo where his father used to work, an old and out of tune valiha collected in the garage of neighbouring friends, a dusty drum kit, enough solitude and isolation to amplify - track after track, depending on the takes and intentions -, the song of this friendly movie that hasn’t been shot yet but promises to play with a few aesthetic primal emotions when filming the cowboys and the great landscape.

From the undergrowth, or by a night campfire, the music that we hear is a mixture of warm sounds and metallic resonances, harmonious choruses and dissonances: with some languid grandiloquence in the extended sounds of the Rhodes and the Philicorda organ, in these voices that multiply in the reverb and stretch out with the amble of a floydian drumsound circa Obscured by Clouds and with the domestic simplicity of a few motifs, in the spirit of Brian Eno’ and Aphex Twin’s melodic ambient. Fourteen musical sequences that are presented with literality: after the shiny « Une Détente » and the celestial « Entrainement du shériff et de son adjoint », « Un bandit de la pire espèce » brings an offbeat almost parodic Morricone touch. The story is told slowly with the magical extravagance of dreams, the music accompanies the drama only by assuming this sort of emotionless passion particular to the Greek choruses of the ancient tragedies, commenting on an unreal and remote action that the music simply contemplates.

The cinematic setting of Tom Gagnaire’s project provides a new alibi to his creative discretion: a guy by the campfire, that nobody notices, but whose music, by subtle graduation, transfigures the scene. In the vibrations of the air, his unobtrusive monody acts imperceptibly on the characters, and deep in the night, it builds the links of a silent community. This is how his Devil reaches for the sublime: by blending in the decor.

Track list,
A1. Le Démon (thème), A2. À La Poursuite de Ringo, A3. Un Bandit de la Pire Espèce, A4. Le Démon (rhodes), A5. Une Bien Courte Promenade, A6. Un Homme Grand, Droit, Sec, A7. Monologue, B1. Apaisement, B2. Meurtre d'un Pêcheur, B3. Rituel Dans Les Cascades, B4. Le Démon (rappel), B5. Errance Nocturne, B6. Entrainement du Sheriff et De Son Adjoint, B7. Une Détente


Matti Bye
"Bethanien" was nominated at Grammis 2015 (The Swedish Grammy Awards) for the classical album of the year.

Grammis 2015
Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Matti Bye & John Henriksson

Grammis 2015
Matti Bye, John Henriksson & Joel Danell


Sverige - Anna 7"

Sverige - Anna 7"

Release date: 2014-10-16
Format: 7"
Pre-orders available!
Release Party: Färgfabriken, Stockholm 16/10 + Concert + DJ's

Cold winds are blowing through Sweden. Days are long. Nights, even longer. The wealthy are growing wealthier, while the poor are growing in numbers, if nothing else.

A true throwback to social realism, Sverige's debut single, Anna, is a meditation on today's political climate, told through stories of being without anything or anyone, of the increasing gap between the haves and the have nots, and of broken promises. Masked as an outstanding piece of pop music, this colorful portrait, painted with thick strokes, mixed with thin, precise lines, blending together as a landscape, showing us yesterday’s future in a dream of a better tomorrow.

Track list,
A1. Anna
B1. Pappa

7" vinyl limited to 250 hand numbered copies.



Domotic "Le Démon (Theme)"
From Le Démon Des Hautes Plaines (Bande Originale Du Film)
(Tona Serenad/Clapping Music)

Domotic is the solo project of French musician and sound designer Stéphane Laporte. Since his critically acclaimed 2002 album Bye Bye, he has released work on labels including Active Suspension, Earsugar and L’Amicale Underground, and has been involved in projects including Egyptology, Centenaire, Karaocake and Orval Carlos Sibelius. “Le Démon (Theme)” is taken from the score that he composed for Tom Gagnaire’s French DIY western Le Demon Des Hautes Plaines.

The Wire Tapper 35

The Wire Tapper 35

All copies of the August 2014 issue of The Wire will come complete with an exclusive free CD attached to the cover, The Wire Tapper 35, the latest volume in the acclaimed series of new music compilations.

As with previous volumes this CD, which has been compiled by Shane Woolman, Andy Tait and Katie Gibbons, is packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire's art director Ben Weaver, and contains a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire.


Pre-orders for the Joe Davolaz "Piña Colada" postcard flexi discs are available now through our online store. The official release date is July 4th. More information about the release party will be announced soon. We will start shipping the flexi discs before that though, so order your copy now! 1€ shipping world wide, since it's a postcard. Enjoy and tell your friends! And yes, free downloads are available from our Soundcloud as well.

Joe Davolaz

Joe Davolaz: Piña Colada 5" flexi disc
Release date: 2014-07-04
Format: Flexi disc

Imagine a warm breeze moving through a groovy beat. Add a woozy synthesizer, moving the theme along with purpose. Round that out with a melody organ and a slide guitar to really take it over the top. Now, just as you think you have all you need, a beautiful saxophone solo kicks in. Follow that up with a whispering vocal theme, twisting and turning and prancing around. Sounds pretty great, right?
Well, that’s what this is! This whimsical and punchy tune is the debut single from Joe Davolaz, the tropical, Stockholm-based orchestra. They are the musical core of a new generation of innovative creators and this is one of the smoothest and most danceable tunes you’ve listened to in a long time.

Composed by Vilhelm Bromander, Dennis Egberth, Oskar Carls, Joel Danell, Linus Hillborg, Anders Af Klintberg. Cover photo by Lisa Grip. Artwork by John Henriksson. Mastered by Jonathan Dakers. Recorded in Studio Weiner Futurismo, Stockholm (2013).


Anders Af Klintberg & John Henriksson

The second Tona Serenad broadcast at Radio Skanstull 3 May with Anders Af Klintberg, Joel Danell and John Henriksson.


Radio Skanstull

Tona Serenad's John Henriksson (Molnbär av John) & Joel Danell (Musette) did a four hour long DJ-set at Radio Skanstull 29/3, for you who missed the live broadcast can still listen to it here on Soundcloud.


Café OTO
Matti Bye & This Forgotten Land, Live at Café OTO, London March 3rd.
Photo by: Dawid Laskowski

View more photos from the evening here:


Kumisolo Tona Serenad
Kumisolo with Matti Bye - Bethanien LP and L'Enfant de la Liberté 7"

Matti Bye - Bethanien
Matti Bye - Bethanien LP (TS10)

Matti Bye - The Piano Ship
Matti Bye - The Piano Ship (For The Piano) comes with every copy of Bethanien.

"Feels like a soundtrack if you’ve been dumped and want to mooch across wintry wastelands."
*** Drowned In Sound (7/10)

"Matti’s sense of deep expression through powerful melody, emotional phrasing, and masterful use of old sounds is mesmerizing, and holds true to the notion that sometimes less is more, and that there is something profound, if even frighteningly beautiful, in the silence that rings between notes."
*** Progulator

"Bethanien is therefore anything but a boisterous and uptempo set—which is not to imply that's a depressing drag of a listen, either. It is, in a word, lovely, a stirring and elegant set of humble, waltz-styled soundscapes."
*** Textura

"Matti Bye is a Swedish born composer of film soundtracks and as such is a master of tension. The album is filled with ghostly twinkling, the feeling that something very wrong indeed is just around the corner. It has an ancient, antique feel, as though its was recorded decades ago on a crackly phonograph and has just been unearthed."
*** Norman Records (8/10)

*** Dagens Nyheter (3/5)


Tona Serenad

Matti Bye and Momus with Tona Serenad's Gustav Rådström, Joel Danell, John Henriksson. Photo by Aron Pelcman.


Dronecast 075: Tona Serenad

"On le dit en toute subjectivité, Tona Serenad est l'un des plus jolis petits labels européens contemporains. Basé à Stockholm, ce conglomérats de dandys collectionneurs de library mené par Joel Danell (aka Musette) et John Henriksson (aka Molnbär) sort aussi pas mal de disques remarquables."

Tona Serenad's Joel Danell (Musette) and John Henriksson (Molnbär av John) was invited to make a podcast for The Drone, listen to it and download it here:



Södra Bar, 31 oktober (20.00-01.00)
Fri entré!
Åldersgräns: 18 år
Momus på scen ca. 22:00. (Södra Teaterns barer och restaurang öppnar 17:00)
Med Musaks & Cojacks från:
Mother Maycroft & Tona Serenad

Event page:


Molnbär av John & Milan W

Molnbär av John & Milan W was intivted by Yana Foqué & Joke Leonare FOR 'de nachtwinkel' in Antwerp, June 2013 to make a split 7". It's featured in this months The Wire in an article about the Antwerp underground music scene. Molnbär av John's part, titled "Kaikki Loppunu", is available for streaming through their website.

Molnbär av John / Milan W: Music For Night(shops) 7"

Track list,
A1 Milan Warmoeskerken – Bolero Night 3:32
A2 Milan Warmoeskerken – Slow Motion 3:12
B1 Molnbär Av John – Kaikki Loppunu 5:35

RELEASED by Yana Foqué & Joke Leonare FOR 'de nachtwinkel', Antwerp, June 2013

SLEEVE DESIGN by Joke Leonare
TYPOGRAPHY by Yana Foqué

MASTERED by Bert Aerts at Senstudio
PRINTED by Jan Matthé, Risiko Press

THANKS to IIIW, Scheld'apen VZW, Cultuurantenne district Antwerpen, Jan Van Vliet & Eveline Foqué

Still available for 7€. Order your copy through

Molnbär av John - Kaikki Loppunu



Matti Bye: Bethanien LP
Release date: December, 2013

Composed and recorded by Matti BYE at Schokoladenfabrik, Kreuzberg and Beckholmen, STOCKHOLM between 2010 and 2013 with Grand Piano,
Vibraphonette, Glockenspiel, Accordion, Mellotron, 8RPM Gramophone, Live Electronics and Field Recordings. Additional samples on ”ACROSS THE SUN”
by Joel DANELL. Mixed and produced by Joel DANELL and Matti BYE at Studio Wiener Futurismo. Mastered by Alf Håkan Åkesson.
Cover art and design by John HENRIKSSON.

Listen to the two first tracks, "The Piano Ship" and "Eikern, 1977" on our Soundcloud. More information regarding the release will be available soon!



Space Songs

Musette - Space Songs (mixtape)

Track list:
1. March of the Apes - Leonard Rosenman
2. The Liquidator - Dick Hyman
3. Hard Hitter - Keith Popworth
4. Samba de Victoria - Richard Hayman
5. Isn´t it odd - Dick Hyman
6. Lay Lady Lay - Claude Denjean
7. Walk on By - Enoch Light
8. Give it up or turn it Loose - Dick Hyman
9. Dear Miss Christie - Rod Hunter
10. Zoom a little ZoomTom Glazer & Dottie Evans
11. Let the Sunshine In - The Electric Hair
12. Shake that Bow/Shake does Bones - Don Harper
13. Venus - John Coltrane / Rashied Ali
14. Symphonie No 6 - Moondog
15. Across the Universe - Sounds Galactic

Moonlight and Love Songs

Molnbär av John - Moonlight and Love Songs (mixtape)

Track list:
1. Francois De Roubaix - Le Vieux Fusil
2. Roy Orbison - In Dreams
3. Ruby and the Romantics - Moonlight and Music
4. Lee Andrews - I'm Sorry, Pillow
5. Pete Drake - I'm Sorry
6. The Chantels - Look In My Eyes
7. The Groop - Nobody At All
8. Grethe Agatz - Ekkoleg
9. Francois De Roubaix - Loin
10. The Videls - I'll Forget You
11. The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walking In The Sand)
12. The Ronettes - Do I Love You
13. Chantal Goya - D'abord-Dis Moi Ton Nom
14. The Supremes - Only Sixteen
15. Roy Orbison - You'll Never Be Sixteen Again
16. The Tornados - The Ice Cream Man
17. The Coasters - Brazil
18. The Cowsills - The Rain, The Park and Other Things
19. The Sandpipers - What Makes You Deam, Pretty Girl
20. Francois De Roubaix - Baran
21. The Cryin' Shames - Please Stay
22. Cliff Richard - The Next Time


Tom Gagniere and John Henriksson are starting a daughter label to Tona Serenad called Basiers Volés (Stolen Kisses) that are specializing in re-editions of odd and rare gems released as exclusive vinyl editions. We're proud to present the first project almost entirely created by the pupils of the Freinet classes in the 1970s called L'Enfant De La Liberté – Pre-orders will be available soon!

Release date: TBA
This record was initially released by the Institut Coopératif de l'Ecole Moderne - Pédagogie Freinet (The Cooperative Institute of Modern School - Freinet's teaching method) and distributed with the issue number 79 (November-December 1975) of the magazine Art enfantin et créations. The songs presented in this record were created by children from secondary school and high school classes.
To say that these classes were like no others and that the teachers were not just any teachers may sound pretentious but it is certain that these songs could have never been composed without the particularly warm atmosphere that reigned in these children's groups. They didn't just come out of the blue either.
"Singing is like drawing..." and this is is one of the child's means of expression, just like writing, dancing, etc and this is in this context that those songs were born. They were created in "French" class and not in music class. Sometimes one pupil composed the text first, and then found a melody, sometimes another classmate helped. But most of the time they were created as songs instead of being only texts with music. Then the other members of the group discovered the songs and learnt how to play it, always in a sharing and welcoming context.
The teachers and educators using Freinet's method (created by Célestin Freinet) intend to develop teaching practices rooted in a "social reality, in order to favour children's emancipation. They want school to be a place where every child can express himself, learns how to be responsible for himself, learns how to cooperate, experiment and open himself to the world. thanks to free text, free drawing, inter-school correspondance, printing and high school paper.... that is still in practice today.

Track list,
Geneviève MARTY
Dominique COLAS
Annick BANNOS Poème
Frédéric CHANU
Nadine PERON
B4. LA – BAS


The Wire Tapper 32

All copies of the August 2013 issue of The Wire will come complete with an exclusive free CD attached to the cover, The Wire Tapper 32, the latest volume in the acclaimed series of new music compilations.
This months edition features Matti Bye's "Eikern, 1977" from his upcoming full length LP "Europa" witch is our next release on Tona Serenad.

As with previous volumes this CD, which has been compiled by Shane Woolman, Andy Tait and Katie Gibbons, is packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire's art director Ben Weaver, and contains a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire.

Matti Bye

Matti Bye “Eikern, 1977”
From Bethanien LP

After several years composing and performing innovative scores, Matti Bye has developed an incomparable style of piano improvisation between moving image, sound and music. Written and composed between Stockholm and Berlin over the last two years, Europa was initially inspired by a dream about a piano in a sunken ship, and takes the listener on a lyrical journey into the world of dreams and illusions.


Release Party for Dorian Pimpernel - Teorema 7"



20h00 – 01h30

8, passage Josset
75011 Paris



Dorian Pimpernel
(Johan GIRARD, Hadrien GRANGE, Jérémie ORSEL, Laurent TALON, Benjamin ESDRAFFO)

Molnbär av John



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