Tona Serenad Records


Artist: Directorsound
Title: This Side of Summer
Catalogue number: TS20
Release date: August 2019
Format: CD

Directorsound is the musical moniker of Dorset born, now London based multi-instrumentalist Nick Palmer.

Palmer made his debut in 2001 on the Pastels’ Geographic label with Directorsound’s first long player, Redemptive Strikes. Played out on a junkshop cornucopia of half working instruments and a tired reel-reel, the melodies therein revealed his ongoing preoccupation that would play out over the next six subsequent albums.

This was an ambition to play out unbridled romanticism with whatever came to hand, channeling psych and pan-European folk, Hawaiian and exotica often within the same song. A series of records for UK, Swedish and Japanese labels followed alongside collaborations with a number of psych-folk singers including cult 1960’s legend Mark Fry with his side project the Alords.

August 2016 saw the birth of Nick’s first child at Lewisham Hospital London. 36 hours without sleep he crossed the park at 5 a.m. to get some rest leaving a healthy mother and newborn son to do likewise. It was during that August sunrise walk that the first album motif that comprises the title track came to him. Over the next two years he continued to play and write for his son whilst taking late night opportunities to record.

This Side of Summer represents the determination to ever document the passing of time and its complicated joys. A love letter to the most special time imaginable.

1. Overture
2. Dogs Sleep on Boats
3. This Side of Summer
4. Walpurgis Night
5. Sunday Avenue


Artist: Matti Bye
Title: This Forgotten Land
Catalogue number: TS19
Release date: 2017-11-03
Format: 12" 33 1/3 rpm

Though Sweden’s Matti Bye was born in 1966, it sometimes seems as though the renowned musician and film soundtrack composer has spent his entire existence living in a different era. As a child, when he wasn’t avidly practising the piano – which he studied with an old Russian teacher – or dreaming of travelling the world in a horse-drawn caravan, he could be found in his local cinema in front of old black and white Tarzan films. These days, too, if you visit the old garage which doubles as his studio, you’ll find yourself surrounded by antique instruments: lurking alongside his collection of analogue synths are, among other objects, pianos, a celesta, a Mellotron, a Wurlitzer, a harpsichord, a Hammond organ, a Vibraphonette and tubular bells. When it comes to Matti Bye, one soon learns, time soon ceases to mean anything.

Now, four decades on from those afternoons spent watching Johnny Weissmuller, this passionate reader of literature and poetry, who grew up listening to Schubert and Mozart, is set to release his latest solo album, one that, like its author, seems to exist outside of time itself. Produced by Joel Danell (Musette, Wiener Futurismo Studio), with John Henriksson (samples, turntables) providing additional sounds,This Forgotten Land offers a deeply atmospheric, affecting experience, seeped in nostalgia and yet thrillingly contemporary. At its heart lie profoundly emotive, luminous melodies as substantial as the equipment – and Bye’s world is definitely an analogue one – that he uses to capture them. And while its instrumental style might be said to share characteristics with the likes of Hauschka and Yann Tiersen, it also, like them, occupies its own unique musical universe, at once elegant and eerie.

Opening track “Melt” provides a clear indication of what’s to come, with its muffled tones, distant bells and a subdued sense of foreboding. At other times – such on “Underneath The Silence” – one can hear the influence of Debussy, and scattered throughout are hints, too, of Satie and Chopin at their most tranquil. On “Absence”, the creaking of Bye’s keyboard pedals is intrinsic to the atmosphere of his rippling, Southern European melody, while “Into The Haze” and “Cascading Sun” – with Leo Svensson’s haunting musical saw – and “Empty Streets / Piano Street” reveal his affection for circus music and other archaic styles. Bye speaks fondly of “the strange, romantic mood you get when you hear old merry go rounds, or mechanical instruments in small amusements parks, and abandoned places like Coney Island,” and the strange, incongruous sounds sometimes audible in the background are as essential to his compositions as the flutter of a film projector when watching an old film. In fact, though it’s very distinct,This Forgotten Land succeeds in conjuring up an idiosyncratic ambience whose power is similar to that of another of his great inspirations, Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones, albeit long after the greasepaint has been removed and the bars have emptied out.

Until now, Bye has been best known as one of Sweden’s most sought-after film composers, working on scores not only for contemporary but also vintage silent movies. In 2014 he received two of the three nominations for Best Original Music Award at Sweden’s prestigious Guldbaggen: his soundtrack for Faro took the honour (as well as a Nordic Film Music Prize) ahead of his work for The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window And Disappeared. He’s also provided new music for, among others, Victor Sjöström’s seminal horror The Phantom Carriage (1921) and The Saga of Gosta Berling (1924), a landmark melodrama starring Greta Garbo. He’s recorded a number of solo works, too, not least 2010’s Drömt and 2013’s Bethanien, the latter inspired by a two-year sojourn in Berlin working in Kreuzberg’s cultural centre of the same name, once a hospital of suitably grim repute. Collaborations with other musicians include Hydra’s Dream, with Anna Von Hausswolff; and Maailma, with cult Finnish songwriter Lau Nau.

Bye was brought up by his mother, renowned Swedish actress Birgitta Andersson, while his father was Norwegian playwright Anders Bye. “I remember he once said, if you play an instrument you’ll never be alone,” Bye recalls. “That made a big impact on me.” Bye tried learning other instruments – violin, clarinet, contrabass – but it was always the piano to which he returned. “Nothing could compare,” he reminisces. “I wanted to sleep near my old piano. It was like a friend, if not so verbal, but still very communicative.” His professional ‘career’ began early on, but his first experience of providing a full score – when he was invited by his school’s Anarchist Club to accompany a screening of Battleship Potemkin – was less than successful. “The performance was terrifying, because I’d never improvised before,” he says. “But the thing was, even if it was a nightmare, after I’d tried it evoked a grand feeling of freedom! I’d got a taste of something I wanted to explore.”

When he was 20, Stockholm’s celebrated Cinematheque contacted Bye about performing again, and he couldn’t resist the opportunity to improve upon his debut. “Silent film music was like a blank spot on the music map, but I recognised the freedom I’d have as a musician, and the force of the poetry in these forgotten images. To play piano for these films was like a dream. So I started my own ‘university’ in the cinema, improvising directly in front of the film screen, trying new pieces and styles in front of a live audience. The beauty is that you feel the past through these beautiful films,” he says of the style that gradually developed in this environment, “but through the music you can add a new layer of something contemporary too.” As his reputation spread, Bye recognised that, thanks to the diversity of his interests, he’d stumbled on a singularly romantic style. “I started out as a piano improviser,” he says, “and suddenly I realised I was composing, and that I’m a composer.”

By the late 1990s, Bye had progressed from silent films to composing for new ones, including documentaries. His own, parallel recordings, compositions, collaborations and solo concerts followed soon after. “Sometimes material I haven’t used in a film starts to form a record, or I make a record that ends up in a film,” he explains, and there is indeed an obvious fil rouge through all his compositions: the instruments with which he works, often employed in an idiosyncratic manner. “I always search for pianos with a unique character,” he says. “I love to play them in special environments outside, in an abandoned place or a flat somewhere. I try to record the moment. The best pieces I create start with an instrument that has flaws or weaknesses. It’s like exploring the voice of various distinct personalities.”

Three decades on from that revelatory experience at Cinematheque, This Forgotten Land looks set to expand Bye’s reach. Peculiarly otherworldly, serenely haunting, and utterly unforgettable, its melodies linger long after its conclusion, their atmosphere a magical mist that can never quite be apprehended. Out of time, but just in time, it confirms Matti Bye as a vital composer of visionary, cinematic scope. This Forgotten Land will endure, in fact, because it sounds like it’s always been among us.

1. Melt
2. Absence
3. Of Dawn
4. Silence
5. Into The Haze
6. Galloping Waves
7. Loneliness of Earth
8. Piano Street
9. Cascading Sun
10. Forest In The Sea
11. Teo

This record is produced with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council.

Kumisolo & Joe Davolaz — Kabuki Femme Fatale

Artist: Kumisolo & Joe Davolaz
Title: Kabuki Femme Fatale
Catalogue number: TS18
Release date: 2017-05-12
Format: 12" 33 1/3 rpm

Kumisolo started collaborating with Swedish tropical band Joe Davolaz by singing on their « Cha Cha André » EP. Attracted by their warm and authentic sound, she decided to meet them in Stockholm and record the arrangements for her second album « Kabuki Femme Fatale ». By jamming together in Tropiska studios, a true alchemy soon operated between Kumi’s bitter sweet pop compositions and the band’s live vibrations. Listening to « Kabuki Femme Fatale », music lovers will probably tell their common fascination for timeless pop artists, such as Haruomi Hosono, Martin Denny, Françoise Hardy or the synthpop trio Antena. Like a psych-pop concept album rescued from a time capsule, « Kabuki Femme Fatale » brings you a kaleidoscopic reading on the modern woman with unique hypnotic sounds.

Limited edition gatefold LP released by Tona Serenad under exclusive license from Alter K. « Kabuki Femme Fatale » is also available in France by Alter K and in Japan by Flau.

1. Voyage
2. Pop Girl
3. Jungle Lady
4. Kung-Fu Boy
5. La tête ailleurs
6. Pico Pico Robot Woman
7. Kabuki Femme Fatale
8. Automne Joli
9. Ping Pong Machine
10. Tous Les Jours

This record is produced with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council.

Isla Del Rojo – Isla Del Rojo

Artist: Isla Del Rojo
Title: Isla Del Rojo
Catalogue number: TS17
Release date: 2017-04-22
Format: 12" 33 1/3 rpm

One. So, there's this thing in Incan mythology called pacha. It’s basically about dividing the world, and all of cosmos, into three different spheres: the world above, the world below and this one. While these spheres, according to pacha, are part of a unified system, the division between the spheres is where it gets interesting. That’s where we get the dualism so important with the Incans, the Yanantin. It relates to both time and space, then and now, here and there, anything and anywhere and in any time and everything at the same exact time. In short, what it means is that every thing possesses, in some way, all possible values of that thing; it exists in all three spheres.

Two. Although the term folk music has only been used since sometime in the 19th century, people have enjoyed it a lot longer than that. It’s literally the people’s music. And, while it often describes music that is traditional and bound by customs, because of the inherent democracy of its meaning, it not only allows, but encourages any peoples to define and create their own folk music. So let’s do that.

Three. Isla del Rojo. Comprised of Swedish guitar player and composer Daniel Ögren (Sarah Riedel, Musette) and Danish drummer Ulrik Ording (Anna von Hausswolff), Isla del Rojo blends various South American styles of music—with a particular focus on the Peruvian Huayno tradition—with Swedish pop, jazz, folk and film music. By mixing analog synths with flutes and woodwinds (such as the quena, played by Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson), strings with percussions, they embrace the dualism of the pacha tradition, creating music that is at the same time traditional and modern, South American and Scandinavian, romantic and festive, peaceful and and energetic, fitting equally well on a movie screen as on a Bolivian dance floor.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

1. Kay Pacha
2. Isla Del Rojo
3. Bortom Horisonten
4. Intro / Till Min Familj
5. Abisko
6. Öppna
7. Ge Fjället Tillbaka
8. Du Gamla Du Fria

Directorsound – Into The Night Blue

Artist: Directorsound
Title: Into The Night Blue
Catalogue number: TS16/YAIP-6040
Release date: 2015-06-26
Format: CD

Only available in Japan by Yacca/Inpartmaint.

1. Once Upon An Ocean
2. Barracuda
3. Orchid Blue
4. Whispers in the Dark
5. Umbrellas of Beckholmen
6. I. Winter with Veronika
   II. Spring with Veronica
   III. Summer with Veronica
   IV. Autumn with Veronica
7. Into the Night Blue
8. On a Boat to the Moon

Sverige – Rymden

Artist: Sverige
Title: Rymden
Catalogue number: TS15
Release date: 2015-07-08
Format: 7"

Let's take a step away from the detailed picture at the kitchen table that Sverige painted so well for us. We're going out, through the window. To outer space. But we are not losing focus.

We're going on a journey to the endless universe, where loneliness can feel just as intense as is does down here on earth, where Sverige is dreaming about something new: what if outer space is as big as they say? Then that's where you would find the best hiding place, right?

You could just hum along to the far away echoes of everyday's symphony, painting the most beautiful panorama, using the stars to color, brightly shining all the way back to the solitary kitchen table.

Limited edition of 250 copies.

A1. Följa med
A2. Stjärnor
B1. Gömstället
B2. Känn Min Fina Stil

Joe Davolaz – Cha Cha André

Artist: Joe Davolaz
Title: Cha Cha André
Catalogue number: TS14
Release date: 2015-10-21
Format: 7" 45 rpm

Once again, it’s time to let the toe-tickling, tropical sounds of the Stockholm-based Joe Davolaz enchant us...

The first number, ”CHA CHA ANDRÉ”, is a catchy little cha-cha ditty that features vocals by Kumisolo. Her voice elegantly mingles with the orchestra, as the imaginative percussions are carried along by an energetic flute, and a sticky synthesizer plays around with a steel guitar, at once gay and melancholic. An air of romance builds, before the song breaks loose and turns into a wild, completely untamed bossa.

The second number, ”PLAYA ROYALE”, is a more sultry one. Full of energy and throbbing with life, it lets you imagine a walk on the beach after a drink or two, juggling coconuts, hot sand under your feet, getting carried by the summer wind as the seductive (slightly unhinged) French whispers from the orchestra’s own Oskar Carls sweeps you away, enveloping you in a soft blanket of peace.

Limited edition of 299 copies.

A1. Cha Cha André (vocals Kumisolo)
B1. Playa Royala (vocals Oskar Carls)

Domotic - Le Démon Des Hautes Plaines

Artist: Domotic
Title: Le Démon Des Hautes Plaines
Catalogue number: TS13 / CLAP047
Release date: 2015-06-11
Format: 12" 45 rpm

The Demon of Domotic: the ambient of the decor

Devil from high plains: Domotic’s hazy adventures

This is a film score: an instrumental series presented in themes, punctuated with echoes and variations, short sequences and choruses. This is the music composed by Stéphane Laporte for the movie directed by his friend, Tom Gagnaire who two years ago decided to direct in a very short time and with very little means, in a remote part of the Haut Languedoc, « a regionalist and post new-wave western ». A homemade film shot in the countryside, with the phantoms of Raoul Walsh and Eugène Green, where the sheriffs have lost their faith and where white nymphs haunt the cascades.

Recorded just before filming, in a very spontaneous, almost anarchic way the music was also made at home; at his parents’ house where the musician still has a bedroom, full of old instruments waiting to be used: an acoustic toy-guitar offered to him in the eighties by the works council of the candy maker Haribo where his father used to work, an old and out of tune valiha collected in the garage of neighbouring friends, a dusty drum kit, enough solitude and isolation to amplify - track after track, depending on the takes and intentions -, the song of this friendly movie that hasn’t been shot yet but promises to play with a few aesthetic primal emotions when filming the cowboys and the great landscape.

From the undergrowth, or by a night campfire, the music that we hear is a mixture of warm sounds and metallic resonances, harmonious choruses and dissonances: with some languid grandiloquence in the extended sounds of the Rhodes and the Philicorda organ, in these voices that multiply in the reverb and stretch out with the amble of a floydian drumsound circa Obscured by Clouds and with the domestic simplicity of a few motifs, in the spirit of Brian Eno’ and Aphex Twin’s melodic ambient. Fourteen musical sequences that are presented with literality: after the shiny « Une Détente » and the celestial « Entrainement du shériff et de son adjoint », « Un bandit de la pire espèce » brings an offbeat almost parodic Morricone touch. The story is told slowly with the magical extravagance of dreams, the music accompanies the drama only by assuming this sort of emotionless passion particular to the Greek choruses of the ancient tragedies, commenting on an unreal and remote action that the music simply contemplates.

The cinematic setting of Tom Gagnaire’s project provides a new alibi to his creative discretion: a guy by the campfire, that nobody notices, but whose music, by subtle graduation, transfigures the scene. In the vibrations of the air, his unobtrusive monody acts imperceptibly on the characters, and deep in the night, it builds the links of a silent community. This is how his Devil reaches for the sublime: by blending in the decor.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

A1. Le Démon (thème)
A2. À La Poursuite de Ringo
A3.Un Bandit de la Pire Espèce
A4. Le Démon (rhodes)
A5. Une Bien Courte Promenade
A6. Un Homme Grand, Droit, Sec
A7. Monologue
B1. Apaisement
B2. Meurtre d'un Pêcheur
B3. Rituel Dans Les Cascades
B4. Le Démon (rappel)
B5. Errance Nocturne
B6. Entrainement du Sheriff et De Son Adjoint
B7. Une Détente

Sverige - Anna

Artist: Sverige
Title: Anna
Catalogue number: TS12
Release date: 2014-10-16
Format: 7" 45 rpm

Cold winds are blowing through Sweden. Days are long. Nights, even longer. The wealthy are growing wealthier, while the poor are growing in numbers, if nothing else.

A true throwback to social realism, Sverige's debut single, Anna, is a meditation on today's political climate, told through stories of being without anything or anyone, of the increasing gap between the haves and the have nots, and of broken promises. Masked as an outstanding piece of pop music, this colorful portrait, painted with thick strokes, mixed with thin, precise lines, blending together as a landscape, shows us yesterday’s future in a dream of a better tomorrow.

Limited edition of 250 copies.

A1. Anna
B1. Pappa

Joe Davolaz – Piña Colada

Artist: Joe Davolaz
Title: Piña Colada
Catalogue number: TS11
Release date: 2014-07-04 
Format: 5" 33 1/3 rpm flexi disc

Imagine a warm breeze moving through a groovy beat. Add a woozy synthesizer, moving the theme along with purpose. Round that out with a melody organ and a slide guitar to really take it over the top. Now, just as you think you have all you need, a beautiful saxophone solo kicks in. Follow that up with a whispering vocal theme, twisting and turning and prancing around. Sounds pretty great, right?

Well, that’s what this is! This whimsical and punchy tune is the debut single from Joe Davolaz, the tropical, Stockholm-based orchestra. They are the musical core of a new generation of innovative creators and this is one of the smoothest and most danceable tunes you’ve listened to in a long time.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

1. Piña Colada

Matti Bye - Bethanien

Artist: Matti Bye
Title: Bethanien
Catalogue number: TS10
Release date: 2013-12-06
Format: 12" 33 1/3 rpm

It began in 2010. If you were anywhere near Oranienstraße, you may have heard it as it traveled through the hallways of a Kreuzberg artist residence once used as a hospital, as it passed you by and continued across the canal, along the piers. The sound of Matti Bye carefully pressing the keys of an old grand piano. Its singing tones taking flight for all of Kreuzberg to hear. Illuminated by the stars of a clear winter sky. Illuminated by the beams of a scorching summer sun. Kreuzberg wasn't always like this.

In 1847, Kreuzberg's Bethanien hospital opened its doors to the public. If you didn't know better, you may have gone there for medical treatment. If you didn't know better, that is. Most did. If the sight of the makeshift, outdoor operating tables didn't change your mind, maybe a perfectly rational fear of infection did. If you still, despite even the notion of contracting some new disease, chose to enter, being denied treatment was still a possible out. Not because you weren't in need, but rather to teach you a lesson. A lesson of patience. Bethanien hospital was not one of repute.

In an otherwise war-torn Berlin, Bethanien was somehow spared. This, however, did little to improve its reputation. By the 1970s, the hospital yard had been taken over by squatters. The hospital itself was no longer in use and, in time, it developed into an artist residence.

It ended in 2013. Finally, the sound of Matti Bye playing his grand piano was captured. Gently accompanied by layers of shimmering, soaring soundscapes. Produced and tastefully engineered in the Wiener Futurismo studio by Joel Danell. The result is soulful, haunting and melodic. Matti Bye's Bethanien takes you, the listener, on a lyrical journey into the world of dreams and illusions.

Limited edition of 350 copies.

A1. The Piano Ship
A2. Pyramiden
A3. Cutting a Sunbeam
A4. Bethanien
A5. Eikern
A6. Sternkarten
B1. Across The Sun
B2. Brought Into Light
B3. This Forgotten Land
B4. Ende

This record is produced with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council.

Dorian Pimpernel - Teorema

Artist: Dorian Pimpernel
Title: Teorema
Catalogue number: TS09
Release date: 2013-03-05
Format: 7" 45 rpm

No matter what the thought of the Moon often exudes, its silent rhythm keeps haunting the most majestic forms of music. Edouard–Léon Scott experimented with this peculiarity in 1860, as a sound was captured for the first time. The machine was able to record, but not restore, it. A sonic ghost was held captive in the cylindrical cage—a female voice singing the melody of ”Au Clair de la Lune.”

In its pale murmur, the Moon resembles the incommunicable parts of music—words of loneliness, yet fragile and profound. As it breaks in with such precision, the world is obliged to keep watch at night, and the day slips away into nothingness. Here, appearances waver and the Infinite retreats. As for what’s left behind—that, you’ll never know. But everything is on its way. You can’t listen to Dorian Pimpernel without remembering this.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

A1. Teorema
B1. The Mechanical Eardrum

Molnbär av John - Thundersketches

Artist: Molnbär av John
Title: Thundersketches
Catalogue number: TS08
Release date: 2012-02-06
Format: 7" 45 rpm

This is Thundersketches. It is a showcase of the groundwork and the sketches used for Thunderclown, the crackly, croony affair between Scottish indie crooner Momus and Swedish vinyl charmer John Henriksson.
The sketches are as scribbles in a notepad, where the letters at first follow the lines on the paper, then float in different directions, crashing into and pulling away from each other, before finally reaching the paper's edge, just short of falling off the page.

Built from a thoughtfully curated selection of sounds – a piano, a singing saw, harps and strings and a dusty needle – sampled from vinyls rescued from thrift store anonymity, pieced together from various places in time and space, only to see them let loose as a cloud of fluttering insects, intermingled and given new life as organic, romantic compositions, where the needle skipping and scratching the record forms drawings beside the letters in the notepad and then again erases them.

Limited edition of 250 copies.

A1. Aujourd'hui il fait beau
A2. The Thundersketch
A3. The Criminal Sketch
B1. Willow Sketch
B2. The Teacher Sketch
B3. Gibbous Groove

Momus & John Henriksson - Thunderclown

Artist: Momus & John Henriksson
Title: Thunderclown
Catalogue number: TS07
Release date: 2012-02-06
Format: 12" 33 1/3 rpm

When Stockholm vinyl charmer John Henriksson heard the crackly, croony Charm Song from the 2010 Momus album Hypnoprism he recognized a kindred spirit, for the Swede and the Scot both value intimate, lucid and serenely sexy tones. John is a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and believes that "moonlight and love songs are never out of date". Momus is equally romantic, but adds something darker. The collaboration began with John sampling obscure vinyl 45s from his collection then gathering Swedish and French musician friends to add live sax, organ, celesta, lapsteel, marimba and vibraphonette, breathing new life into these museum pieces. The compositions were then sent to Momus, who altered pitch, key and structure and crooned new songs over them. We could talk about the current interest in what Simon Reynolds calls Retromania, or cite the slogan "Modernity is our antiquity", but basically this is a deeply-felt album in which Japan-based Momus -- slowed down by John's sedate and haunting backings -- expresses more loneliness and self-doubt than we've heard before, and might even be channeling Swedish John's own recent history of heartbreak in the city of Paris. This is why a record recorded by two men -- posing as one composite "thunderclown" -- lists three cities as its place of birth: Paris, Stockholm and Osaka.

Limited edition of 350 copies.

A1. Love Wakes The Devil
A2. The Thunderclown
A3. Willow Pattern
A4. Precocious Young Miss Calloway
A5. The Criminal
A6. How I Met Your Mother
B1. Baloney Polonius
B2. The Teacher
B4. Futura Bold
B5. We Don't Have To Make Children
B6. Shangri-La
B7. Gibbous Moon

This record is produced with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council.

Momus - The Thunderclown

Artist: Momus
Title: The Thunderclown
Catalogue number: TS06
Release date: 2011-06-14
Format: 10" 33 1/3 rpm

Believe it or not, The Thunderclown is the first time a Momus related piece has been cut on wax since '93. Could it be that John Henriksson's hazy, yet meticulous collages, which serve as the album's instrumental parts, were made out of threadbare, crackling sound materials recorded from 7-inches found in thrift stores in his native Sweden? Regardless, the haunting and haunted atmosphere conveyed by the signature pops and crackles of the weary, mighty vinyl provides Momus with the ideal aesthetic counterpart to his current interests in retro modernism ("Modernity is our antiquity", says the Documenta slogan) and the figure of the Thunderclown, an unsettling figure inspired by the clowns and fools who were all over the place in 1950s pop music. More prosaically, Henriksson's very, very slow tempos allured Momus to go the super emotional path, and that is great news for all the people out there who opine that he should have taken that path more often in his career. Mining and embracing cliched big ballads at the same time, this is Momus at this most sentimental, and at his most menacing, and it is a treat for both the heart and the ears.

Limited edition of 350 copies.

A1. The Thunderclown
A2. Precocious Young Miss Calloway
B1. The Criminal
B2. Gibbous Moon

Directorsound - Two Years Today

Artist: Directorsound
Title: Two Years Today
Catalogue number: TS05
Release date: 2010-10-07
Format: 12" 33 1⁄3 rpm & CD

Multi instrumentalist Nicholas Palmer has come along way since his critically acclaimed 2003 Geographic/Domino debut “Redemptive Strikes”. The 7 years that followed saw Palmer alternatively amass then disregard a wealth of recordings while retreating ever further into seclusion and his art. “Two Years Today” represents the fruits of these unheard yet prolific years, interwoven with the sounds of his native Dorset. Ever the romantic melodist, opening track “Somewhen by the Sea” invites the listener into Palmer's typically whimsical musical world. Delicate piano and fluttering drums join the crashing waves of a Dorset beach before swerving off into a Hawaiian inflected, end of the pier jaunt. As the album moves up river towards the centrepiece recreation of an inebriated afternoon at an English country fair courtesy of “Before The March / Strawberries and Steam”, throughout, the upbeat often manic compositions belie a thread of melancholia that comes more to the fore on the antique Dulcitone led tracks, “Dreams of Donnybrook” and "Around Twilight". Typically though the album's climactic title track swaggers back, bright eyed with quixotic optimism.

At turns chaotic and yet somber, hopeful and resigned, ”Two Years Today” represents the very best moments from almost a decade of work from a truly iconic UK underground musician.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

1. Somewhen By The Sea / Balance The Balloon
2. Sirens In August / My Shaggy Parasol / When The Sun Sets Over The Yard Arm
3. Before The March / Strawberries And Steam
4. They Came Alive
5. Some Eve With An Apple
6. Dreams Of Donnybrook
7. Two Years Today
8. Around Twilight
9. Pork and Honey (CD bonus track)

Directorsound - Before The March

Artist: Directorsound
Title: Before The March
Catalogue number: TS04
Release date: 2010-10-07
Format: 7" 33 1⁄3 rpm

The third installment in Tona Serenad's series of 7 inch vinyls sees Nicholas Palmer and his musical moniker Directorsound showcasing through 3 pieces the paradoxical fairground joy and poignant melodicism of forthcoming album “Two Years Today”.

Palmer's juggernaut of sound creates through meticulous overdubs a hand-sewn tapestry, shifting back and forth from ramshackle elation to tender introspection.

Limited edition of 300 copies

A1. Before The March, A2. Dreams Of Donnybrook
B1. Pork And Honey

Anne Laplantine - Spring Won't Find Us

Artist: Anne Laplantine
Title: Spring Won't Find Us
Catalogue number: TS03
Release date: 2009-11-26
Format: 7" 33 1⁄3 rpm

Anne's music is characterized by her unique world of sounds. A world where the melodies, like raindrops in a digital nature, form a spectrum of colors, where delicate organic structures emerge and her voice carefully floats on top and creates a perspective of the landscape, where the compositions have a baroque feeling to them all the while she plays to her mistakes and limitations; the result is forever green pop music.

This material was recorded in 2006, when Anne, after declaring Berlin was a retirement home, had decided to move back to Paris and (just like Marcel Duchamps gave up making art for chess) leave music making for the board game Go. However, once she got to Paris she discovered, despite her farewell to music, that she had composed the material that we are now releasing on the four track EP "Spring Won't Find Us", which is the second in the series of 7 inch vinyls on Tona Serenad.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

A1. Spring Won't Find Us
A2. The River
B1. Maybe
B2. You So Lonely

Molnbär av John - I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose

Artist: Molnbär av John
Title: I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose
Catalogue number: TS02
Release date: 2009-11-03
Format: 7" 33 1⁄3 rpm

A small selection of the sample-based compositions John Henriksson has made for the last few years have now been put together to a twelve minute sound collage titled "I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose", which makes up the debut of the solo project he calls Molnbär av John.

"I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose" is made from chopped and screwed sounds, humorous compositions and romantic melodies, where the image of Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River on the stairs of the fire escape and the hip-hop idols from younger days passing by on the streets below is constantly recurring. Collages of melodies, voices and sound recordings are collected with precision and warmth, sounds from countless - long forgotten - crackling vinyl singles mixed with dictaphone recordings; all in true hip-hop tradition since the early teens. Back and forth, to and from the cassette tapes, new cloudy horizons are created by sounds, where the crackling of the record is hard to separate from the sound of the rain, which is mixed together with the hissing of the cassette tape, which is hard to separate from the sound of the wind.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

A1. I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose (1)
B1. I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose (2)

Musette - Datum

Artist: Musette
Title: Datum
Catalogue number: TS01
Release date: 2009-02-24
Format: CD

Patiently written down dates, noted with a piano and carefully collected on cassette tapes, one by one. An assiduous attempt to keep books of time, to sketch the events, the landscapes and neighborhoods with melodies and recordings of sound. For several years Joel Danell has been writing songs on a piano, all given the names of dates as if they were diary notes. The kind of notes where the writing, more than the words themselves, recounts for the moment of them being written: times of accumulation where the letters stand close to each other and reach far into the margin, moments of pensiveness where lines have been crossed out and others have been added and moments of excitement where the letters have gained in size and defied the ruling of the sheet.

"Datum" is the retelling of these notes with the help of violin, whistling, guitar, accordion and Dobro, recorded in Blackeberg January 2008. Pieces that recount for an otherwise forgotten day in April, that describe the view from a balcony in a Stockholm suburb in late October, that is a remembrance of the rushing bicycle and the passing landscape in the beginning of June.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

1. 24 maj
2. 2 mars
3. 23 oktober
4. 10 juli
5. 17 oktober
6. 14 april
7. 18 juli
8. 24 januari
9. 1 juni
10. 1 februari
11. 16 oktober
12. 22 december
13. 9 november
14. 4 november

I.C.E.M. Pédagogie Freinet – L’Enfant De La Liberté

Artist: I.C.E.M. Pédagogie Freinet
Title: L’Enfant De La Liberté
Catalogue number: BS001
Release date: 2013-11-22
Format: 7" 33 1⁄3 rpm

This record was initially released by the Institut Coopératif de l'Ecole Moderne - Pédagogie Freinet (The Cooperative Institute of Modern School - Freinet's teaching method) and distributed with the issue number 79 (November-December 1975) of the magazine Art enfantin et créations. The songs presented in this record were created by children from secondary school and high school classes.

To say that these classes were like no others and that the teachers were not just any teachers may sound pretentious but it is certain that these songs could have never been composed without the particularly warm atmosphere that reigned in these children's groups. They didn't just come out of the blue either.

"Singing is like drawing..." and this is one of the child's means of expression, just like writing, dancing, etc and this is in this context that those songs were born. They were created in "French" class and not in music class. Sometimes one pupil composed the text first, and then found a melody, sometimes another classmate helped. But most of the time they were created as songs instead of being only texts with music. Then the other members of the group discovered the songs and learnt how to play it, always in a sharing and welcoming context.

The teachers and educators using Freinet's method (created by Célestin Freinet) intend to develop teaching practices rooted in a "social reality, in order to favour children's emancipation. They want school to be a place where every child can express himself, learns how to be responsible for himself, learns how to cooperate, experiment and open himself to the world. thanks to free text, free drawing, inter-school correspondance, printing and high school paper.... that is still in practice today.

The project of Baisers Volés, a new label specializing in re-edition, is to reissue some of these records, almost entirely created by the pupils of the Freinet classes in the 1970s.

Limited edition of 100 copies.

Geneviève MARTY
Dominique COLAS
Annick BANNOS Poème

Frédéric CHANU
Nadine PERON
B4. LA – BAS

TS01 Musette – Datum
TS02 Molnbär av John – I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose
TS03 Anne Laplantine – Spring Won't Find Us
TS04 Directorsound – Before The March
TS05 Directorsound – Two Years Today
TS06 Momus - The Thunderclown
TS07 Momus & John Henriksson – Thunderclown
TS08 Molnbär av John - Thundersketches
TS09 Dorian Pimpernel - Teorema
TS10 Matti Bye – Bethanien
TS11 Joe Davolaz – Piña Colada
TS12 Sverige – Anna
TS13 Domotic – Le Démon Des Hautes Plaines
TS14 Joe Davolaz – Cha Cha André
TS15 Sverige – Rymden
TS16 Directorsound – Into The Night Blue
TS17 Isla Del Rojo — Isla Del Rojo
TS18 Kumisolo & Joe Davolaz — Kabuki Femme Fatale
TS19 Matti Bye — This Forgotten Land
TS20 Directorsound — This Side of Summer

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